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Three women, talk about their lives and experiences in a
series of short monologues
              PART ONE
A day in winter
             PART TWO
Six months later

Please stay for a short “talk-back” with the actresses after the show


Three actresses (friends) sit on stools or in chairs holding their scripts and they talk, informally, one after another, about different events and people.
                Jenna is a widow trying to adjust to life without her husband, Natalie is a singer who chose a career over marriage and Liz, is  a busy, over-worked wife/mother/club-woman/ volunteer.,
      They don’t interact; one faces the audience while the others are turned away.   They have “conversations” with a multitude of other characters, they attend parties and go on trips and they discover that  life is always changing, that something new can happen at any age, any stage of life.
     Author Barbara Fox, who plays Jenna, based the play on her life and the characters and lives of her friends, Madeline Kern, and Veronica Fuchs who plays Natalie and Liz.
    “My character, Jenna, is for the most part, true to my life,” says Barbara, “the other two started out in reality but fiction (and my imagination) took over”,
        Three is performed as a Staged reading; it runs just under an hour and the actresses are available for a “talk-back/discussion” after the play.

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