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                                   THE PLAYS
The plays are for 5-6 actors and the starred ones are also available as one person shows where
where an actor narrates the crime and several members of the audience read the par
he parts of the different characters. 
Each play includes a program, character descriptions, a clue sheet and , (for the one person shows
an instruction sheet
The plays can be sustomized for a small, additional fee.
                                PLAYS TO BE LEASED INCLUDE:
                       CRUISING IS MURDER***
The new owner of a cruise ship is shot to death during the crew and passenger talent show
                    LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER!***
        The LMM Movie studio is shooting a movie and...someone is going to be shot
                       A MILLION DOLLAR MURDER ***
        The winner of one million dollars is shot before he can enjoy his winnings
                      REUNIONS ARE MURDER
         Murder interrupts a family reunion
                       MURDER THEY VOTE  ***
        Three candidates are vying for the presidential nomination but murder interrupts the vote
​                          MURDER IN THE INN ***
         The guest of honor is murdered at the grand opening of the inn
                           BINGO IS MURDER ***
        A murder happens at a bingo Parlor; the audience actually plays several
games of bingo during the play
                          A VERY MERRY MURDER***
      A singer is murdered at a holiday party
                          MEETINGS ARE MURDER***
      A speaker or fortune teller is murdered at a meeting
                           THE TWENTIES WERE MURDER***
Gangsters, flappers, the charleston and murder with a twenties theme
                                    MURDER MYSTERY GAMES
    A noted star is murdered during a rehearsal   (for 6 players)
DYING FOR CHOCOLATE   (for 6 players)
    A famous chef is found stabbed to death in his own kitchen
THE TWENTIES WERE MURDER   (for 8 players)
    Big Charlies speakeasy,, flappers, gangsters and murder in the 1920s

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