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A widow, after a long marriage, shares information, ideas and advice about living alone, internet dating, cooking for one, connecting with friends and learning to be happy again in this fictionalized version of her life. She also adds several "Widowisms" such as "fake it till you make it", "If you have a choice to sit it out or dance...Dance" , "don't give up five minutes before the miracle" an many more.

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The inside story of how Barbara Fox started Mystery On The Menu Theater company in 1986 and built it into a successful, profitable business. The book is packed with suggestions, ideas and advice about writing, acting in and directing an interactive murder mystery as well as possible locations for the plays (trains, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships) dealing with clients and the practical side of the business, (contracts, flyers, advertising etc). You will learn about the adventures and experiences Barbara and the various actors had while presenting the shows and finally, you'll read the most popular lines from the shows including the ending of every play..."there is nothing left to say except....the case is closed and so is the playl"


A collection of articles, essays, poems and plays about how different authors are dealing/coping with the pandemic. Barbara Fox wrote several plays on the subject Including The Visit (a couple is reluctant to have company) Quick Meet on Zoom (a virtual dating service) and Mothers, Daughters, Friends (homeschooling) and she invited other authors to contribute their plays, articles, and poems. Several responded. Stephen Olson wrote a play about a virtual office meeting, Marla Schwartz's play is about people affected by the virus. Sharon Baker, Mitchell Ball and John Harpin, Natalie Cobo , Benito Perri, Pamela O'Salem and Greg McDaniel offered advice, suggestions and feelings about everything from appreciating nature to trying new recipes to mediation, and surviving the virus, Mitchell Berkman contributed a rap, Venessa McCaffrey offered poetic tributes, Barry Katz's poems provided a little humor and Luis Roberto Herrera Summed it all up with "Cope.." Viewpoints also has lots of "mini views", short statements like "if I'd know last March that it was the last time I would at in a restaurant, I would have ordered dessert" and "The swimming pools are open but, due to social distancing there will be no water in lanes 1,3 and 5," and many more that point out that, while the pandemic is a serious problem, there is still humor in the ways people deal with it.


Getting old isn't so bad when you consider the alternative!  So this book isn't about getting old; it's about being young for a very long time. The author Barbara Fox has compiled articles, poems, plays, questions and answers, quotations and sayings from the real experts (people who are sixty and over) on a variety of subjects such as answering impertinent questions, the pros and cons of retiring and retirement homes, senior dating, living alone and more

 Young for a very long time is a light-hearted collection of practical, informative, and sometimes funny advice about getting older.

Thirteen short mysteries. for adults and children who like to solve mysteries Who stole the lucky guitar, the expensive jewelry, the lottery ticket? Who used the credit card? How did the baby-sitter stop the robbers? Where is Uncle Arthur's money? These crimes and several others are waiting to be solved before you read the solution on the next page. Thee are also thirteen mini- mystery problems or puzzle

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Several crimes have been committed....Can you solve them before reading the solution?


Roberta Reed, a snoopy newspaper reporter, Mark Dolermain, a lawyer with a specialized government agency, Janie Jason, a student studying to be a detective, Marty Sparrow, a security guard and owner of The solve-it Detective agency and A.R., a professional homicide detective. They are investigating several crimes and you are invited to join their investigation.


A salsa class, a family reunion, an embassy party, a corporate meeting, a bingo game, a luxurious condominium and on a beach.

Who stabbed celebrity Chef Claude Briand, who poisoned TV soap opera star Paula Brent ... who shot CEO of the Crumpert Cookie company William Blakley, who strangled Jill, the talented, ambitious dancer? These are just a few of the many crimes to investigate.. You have all the information necessary; try to solve the crimes before reading the solution on the next page.

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Three Mysteries in One! Murder in the Inn introduces Sandy Evans, the new owner of a bed and breakfast inn in Washington DC. She believes that the former owner's death was murder, not an accident and she sets out to prove it. Another Murder in the inn takes place during a fitness and exercise week at the inn which is interrupted by a murder and Murder In Another Inn finds Sandy moving to Florida and opening a second inn where three events, a mystery club meeting, a book-signing, and a Passover Seder lead to murder. Sandy, her step-daughter Janie (a would-be detective) Noah the house-keeper, Allison (Sandy's twin sister and many other characters appear in all three books. and each book includes recipes and exercises

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